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You Are Enough

When You Feel Like You're Not Enough....

Right now you may be feeling every little effect of a mistake you have made. Whether it was last year, last month, or last night. We all can say that it occurs endlessly, even as believers.

The cycle of making wrong decisions, asking God for forgiveness, and trying our best to move forward and follow Christ the way He truly wants us to, almost makes it impossible to think we are so much like Christ.

But what is it like when you feel like you can't even ask Him for forgiveness? What is it like when we feel like we are unworthy of even speaking His name without sounding like a hypocrite?

​What is it when our hearts cry out for Him and yet, we are too ashamed to even reach out to God?

Honestly, the only answer I have is one that makes no sense to our human comprehension.

The overwhelming, the unwavering, and the powerful love of God is greater than all of our faults.

Just think about this:

God created you, He had knowledge that you will not be perfect. Yet, He saw a need for this Earth to have your presence in it.

If you remember when Jesus was on the cross, there were two men right along side of him, also awaiting their death on a cross. These two men were criminals, and were thought to be so dangerous, that they need to be put to death.

Read Luke 23: 26-43 for the full passage.

One of the criminals asked Jesus, through his pain and suffering, for Jesus to "remember [him] when [He] comes into [the Lord's] kingdom". With Jesus's reply "truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise."

The forgiveness, the love and the retrieval of all His sins was right on the cross that He was dying on just to save you and If God can save one person, who was a criminal, do you not think that His love extends to you?

​This does not only mean that He will forgive you every time, but through Him, you have the opportunity to live a victorious life.

You are more precious to Him than your faults. So much that He will welcome you with open arms like the father of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). He just wants you to realize that the power to make that 1st step to change is yours through Him.

Remember that:

You Are Loved & You Are Enough.

​I hope this encouraged you to take the time to speak to your creator, and repent of all things, and to not be afraid to move forward.

Stay Blessed, Be Blessed.

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